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How it Works

We Make Solar Easy and Affordable

Step 1 FREE Solar Consultation

Our highly experienced consultant will come to your home or business, assess your previous energy bills and consumption and recommend the best system to met your needs. We will inspect your roof and asses the best positioning of your solar solution ensuring we take everything into account to get you the best results.


Step 2 Sign Your Solar Agreement

Once we have provided a solar solution and you are 100% satisfied with our proposal, the system recommended for you and the best location on your roof we will arrange the paperwork. This includes the contract of sale, terms and conditions, paperwork for the power company and ensures the whole process is smooth and easy for you with a fast turnaround.


Step 3 Installation

Our highly experienced and professional installation team will come out on the agreed installation date to install your system. In most cases it only takes a single day or less to install.


Once the system is installed we will take care of all the paperwork to get your smart meter programmed or replaced so that you can be credited for the power you sell back to the retailer. This may take some time as we are dealing with a third party but rest assured we will be in contact throughout the process and see the project to its completion.


Step 4 Turn on your Solar

Let the power savings begin. Once your power distributor has done the metering work you are now ready to take full advantage of your system. Remember to use as much of your power as you need during the daylight hours and you will reap higher rewards by not buying power.